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Stages of Development of the Biofilm

A Synergistic Response to Biofilm Microbes

Wound biofilm begins when a single-cell planktonic bacterium adheres to the surface of the wound. Within hours, the bacteria begin to rapidly express an extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) to form a microcolony. This continues to evolve over time into a complex community with multiple colony defenses, including an increased resistance to antibiotics, biocides, and human immunity.¹ Synergy: The Solution to Biofilm Stages of Development of the Biofilm Early scientific research into wound biofilm by Serralta et al² in 2001 eluded […]
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A Surgeon’s Perspective On Non-Healing Wounds

Recently, on the tail end of a 30-year career in chronic wound care, I’ve taken the opportunity to ponder the thousands of patients that I’ve seen throughout my clinical lifespan. Along their healing journey, we have shared both abundant successes and failures. I’ve learned that effective care is really “compassionate education.” We teach our patients about their healing challenges, and how their decisions and actions can lead to a better outcome. If we allow it, those under our care can […]
DETERMINE the Cause of At-Risk Tissue or Non-Healing

The 4 Ds of Wound Care – A Clinician’s Perspective

What I’ve Learned from My Experience as a Wound Care Clinician. I have been a certified wound specialist for more than 20 years. In that time, I have learned a number of best practices for wound prevention and treatment during the delivery of compassionate patient care. The first is to not be quick to jump to a treatment. While it’s easy to reach for something on the shelf or the latest product that came through the door, those aren’t always […]