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BiFORM® Bioactive
Moldable Matrix

BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix is a bioactive and osteoconductive bone graft that can be hydrated and used as a strip or molded into a putty to fill a bone defect.

BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix

Why BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix?

  • Uniform distribution of bioactive glass and mineral particles throughout the matrix, achieved through our proprietary manufacturing process1
  • Versatile Handling: can be used in strip form, or molded into conformable putty to pack in defect.
  • BiFORM can be hydrated with autogenous bone marrow, autograft with saline, blood, or other options depending on the physician’s preference.
BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix

A Moldable Advantage

  • 2 for 1 versatility- Upon hydration, the strip conformation can be used in its original shape or optionally molded into alternative shapes to address the unique contours of each defect
  • Combined with either autogenous bone marrow or autograft with saline
  • Can also be used with autograft as a bone graft extender
  • Puck conformation option is ideal for molding
  • Moldable, flexible, absorbent, resists migration upon irrigation
Safely Debride a Wide Variety of Wounds

BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable
Matrix is composed of a perfect Trio of Components:

  • 50% Carbonate Apatite anorganic bone mineral
  • 30% 45S5 Bioactive Glass
  • 20% Type I Collagen
BiFORM® Bioactive Moldable Matrix


1. Data on file at Collagen Matrix, Inc.

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