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ALLOCYTE® Advanced
Cellular Bone Matrix

ALLOCYTE® Advanced Cellular Bone Matrix is a next generation
cellular bone matrix (CBM) containing bone-derived progenitor
cells and conformable bone fibers.

FORTIFY FLOWABLE™ Extracellular Matrix

Distinguishing Features

  • Handling:

    Bone fibers provide robust and conformable handling. Packaged in an open bore syringe to allow delivery directly from the syringe.
  • Viability:

    Cryopreserved using a DMSO-free cryoprotectant, eliminating the need to rinse and decant the tissue prior to implantation.
  • Growth Factor Preservation:

    ALLOCYTE® undergoes a novel patented process that preserves the native growth factors from ancillary bone lining cells which are typically removed during traditional CBM processing.
Distinguishing Features

Graft viability post thaw

5 Hours

Thawed in warm saline without decanting in

10 Minutes

Cell viability after one year of storage is


of initial viable and active cell count

In vitro, ALLOCYTE® showed over

6x Higher osteoinductive Potential

than donor matched control.2


The Proprietary Processing in ALLOCYTE®
Preserves Native Growth Factors1

  • ALLOCYTE® undergoes a novel process to remove red blood cells, white blood cells, and adipocytes. Bone progenitor cells remain attached to the tissue and are retained in the implant through implantation.
  • Cell count is performed using a functional assay that not only determines viability of the cells, but also ensures the cells exhibit activity via MTS assay. This increased scrutiny eliminates false positives and inaccurate cell counts.
  • ALLOCYTE’S® proprietary process results in removal of immunogenic components mitigating concerns for immune response.


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